TIP Software

Intuitive AHU Selection Tool

TIP Software

Selection of Air Handling Units

New Selection Software that will simplify your daily work!

Tecnivel Instant Project (TIP) is a selection software of its own and exclusive development.

With a user-friendly interface, this powerful selection tool is quick and easy to design UTAs and can quickly budget for multiple projects.

Selection software certified by Eurovent


TIP will improve your day to day by facilitating the configuration of your Air Treatment Unit regarding:

  • Calculation
  • Design
  • Projects management
  • Intuitive tool
  • Quick selection and offer
  • Multilingual
  • Technical specification sheets
  • Drawings with actual dimensions

With TIP you can quickly configure the AHU you need according to the parameters required by your installation, offering a list of components, technical data, diagrams and characteristics of the fans.

Reports and Plans

With TIP you can generate and download the following documentation:

  • 2D drawings of the unit (front view, top view)
  • General information about the unit such as:
    • Dimensions and weight.
    • Mechanical and acoustic characteristics of the envelope.
    • Energy efficiency class.
    • Air flow rates and static pressures.
    • Absorbed power.
    • ERP information (if applicable).
  • Detailed information on each section, including:
    • Thermodynamic data and psychrometric chart, when appropriate.
    • Air flow and pressure drop.
    • Specific information for each section.
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TIP Software