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We are manufacturers, adaptation and flexibility are our means. We put our “Know-How” at your disposal to offer complete solutions to the most demanding requirements.

We have engineering and technical assistance, production, distribution, installation and commissioning of Air Handling Units for commercial, industrial and precision installations, among many other products.

We optimize performance, reliability, consumption and costs, becoming a safe bet as the only provider of solutions for air conditioning.


Air Handling Units

Flexible, configurable and customized solutions, with high performance and great energy efficiency.

STULZ Tecnivel participates fully in the customization of each offer by conducting preliminary studies, advising you to find a space tailored to your needs. We offer global and customized solutions for each type of installation.

The most prestigious companies around the world choose us, and our Air Handling Units can be found in the properties of the most renowned hospitals, airports, hotels, offices, schools, public buildings, warehouses, banks, industries, data centers. and a long list of other applications, as we adapt to your needs by customizing your facilities.

ClimaPac is a renewed concept of flexible and modular AHU, highly energy efficient, adaptable to any need, however demanding it may be in comfort and industrial applications.

CyberHandler 3 is a complete air conditioning solution specially designed for data centers, with an extremely efficient combination of Free Cooling and evaporative cooling.



Applications for commercial and industrial cold.
AC and EC technology with Axial and Centrifugal fans.

Its task consists of dissipating the heat absorbed by a refrigerant fluid that circulates through the exchanger, condensing it, by transferring this heat to the air that circulates through the exchanger. Its applications range from process refrigeration, food industry, commercial facilities, air conditioning facilities, as well as data processing centers, among others.

Available in a wide range of configurations, STULZ Tecnivel axial units represent a wide range of solutions, covering a spectrum of dissipation capacities ranging from 10 to 800 kW.

STULZ Tecnivel centrifugal condensers present a wide installation versatility due to their compact and modular design that allows you to suck and discharge the air vertically and horizontally.



Units for cooling high or low temperature circuits.
Fans in impulsion or aspiration.

Available in a wide range of configurations, STULZ Tecnivel drycoolers present a wide range of solutions that allow their selection based on different criteria: Dimensions, sound levels, consumption, capacity, among other parameters.

Los Drycooler son una muy interesante alternativa a las torres de refrigeración debido a su funcionamiento en seco, con el consiguiente mínimo mantenimiento, nulo consumo de agua y por estar libre de riesgos o contaminación por legionela.

La gama denominada de Panel Solar, será la solución ideal para disipar el excedente de calor en instalaciones solares térmicas



Direct discharge in conventional units or indirect through ducts.

Fan coils are small terminal units designed to filter and cool or heat the environment by recirculating the treated air. They are the most recommended and used solution for air conditioning: hotels, offices, shops, hospitals and homes, among others.

Due to the standardized power of their fans, they will be installed near the rooms to be air-conditioned.

The fans of this range allow to serve large or different rooms, being connected through duct networks.


Air Heaters

For direct heating in industrial applications using different fluids.

The air heaters, made up of a fan, heat exchanger and grille, are terminal units capable of air conditioning large spaces.

With a robust and compact design, they represent a solution with high rates of return on investment compared to other heating systems, whose main application is in the air conditioning of warehouses, industrial plants, workshops, sports facilities, as well as facilities in the agricultural sector.

With a “wall” and “ceiling” configuration, STULZ Tecnivel aerodisipators are made up of different versions based on the function they perform and the working fluid to be used.


Air Curtains

Invisible air barrier that prevents loss of comfort in industrial premises and shopping centers

CSI semi-industrial curtains are manufactured, both with electric coils, and with coils for hot water or cold water (the latter with a condensate collection tray).

Semi-industrial curtains, CSI Series:
For doors up to 3.5 m high.



Maximum performance and heat transfer of exchangers

With its own manufacture, STULZ Tecnivel supplies coils with tubes of all commonly used diameters (3/8 ”, 1/2” and 5/8 ”), as well as a wide range of construction variants, in terms of materials and designs. .
In sizes from 200mm to 6000mm fin length.

Finned tube heat exchangers.
Coils for cold, hot water, condensers, DX and steam.

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