Maintenance and Technical Support

Resolution and experience are on the way

Even the best products need a service that meets the highest requirements. Throughout Spain, 24/7, 365 days a years.
A large team of service technicians with fully equipped vehicles and a local spare part warehouse ensure efficient, fast and experienced support to our customers .

Advantages of STULZ Tecnivel technical assistance

  • Qualified personnel with certification of fluorinated gases throghout the country.
  • Experience and specialized knowledge, always up to date, thanks to continous complementary training courses.
  • Fast repair times.
  •  Extremly short downtimes, high operational reliability.
  • Use of the most advanced technology in testing services, techniques and equipment.
  • A single point of contact: centralized coordination of all work processes.
  • Spare parts for equipment available locally.
  • 24/7 emergency service by contract.
  • Contract tailored to meet the precise needs of your facilities.
ventajas asistencia tecnica

Preventive maintenance lengthens and ensures systems availability

With more thant 50 years of experience, the STULZ Tecnivel service not only provides first-class service for your products, but also guarantees the operation and air conditioning systems from other manufactures.

Regular systems inspections keep unpredictable installation problems at bay. In this way, you will keep the air conditioning of your bussiness running and guarantee availability, energy efficiency and profitability.

mantenimiento preventivo
repuestos originales en stock

Original spare parts in stock – Everything from one source

All the technicians carry a series of emergency spare parts. they are backed by our support team in the central warehouse in Madrid, where we have a large stock of the main components for the full range of STULZ Tecnivel air conditioning systems.