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New production plant

The STULZ group launches a new platfrom that confirms the company’s exponential growth trend, multiplying the area dedicated to production.

In the process of expansion and development, STULZ Tecnivel inaugurates a new production plant in Spain to mmet the growing market demand, adapting to the most innovate manufacturing processes, with more advanced machinery and the lasted technology according to Industry 4.0.

The new factory, with an area of 40.000m2, located a few kilometers from the capital, in Esquivias (Toledo), has begun to be fully active, with a greater production capacity of an extensive range of products, amosg which are Air Treatment Units, Condensers, Drycoolers, Fancoils, Air heaters, Air Curtains, Batteries and Extractors.




40.000 m2 covering the production of a complete range of products.



Esquivias, Toledo.
A few kilometers from Madrid it favors communications and national and international logistics.


Cuttingedge technology

Adoptamos las más novedosas tecnologías y sistemas integrales de gestión y control de los procesos de producción industriales.

A fast-moving factory

The refurbishment works of the group’s new facilities began at the beginning of 2018, with a spectacular result after months of reform immersed in a long-term work. Currently, a high production capacity in the new STULZ Tecnivel production plant is guaranteed, and it is fully operational.

Test Center

Your team to the test

Test Centre

This new production plant will also have a large climatic chamber, one of the most spectacular and precise in Europe, where it will be able to carry out extensive technical tests on air conditioning solutions assisted by sophisticated parameterization and monitoring software. Systems can be tested and optimized centrally, even during the design and development phase. Extensive tests are conducted under a wide variety of conditions that demonstrate the performance capabilities and actual power and water consumption of systems and components.

Stringent performance and capabilities tests

  Area 1.100m².

  Design flow 140.000m³/h.

  Maximum flow 300.000m³/h.

  Data Room Load up to 1MW.

  Funtional test simulating security failures.

  Environmental simulation of Tª: +10º to +50º DB, design flow.

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