Horizontal / Vertical

Description / Materials Axial fan heaters built in a modular system with a galvanized sheet casing with a PVC plasticized or painted exterior. Coil built with Cu tubes and AI / AI lacquered / Cu fins. 500 / 630mm diameter fans
Coils Cu 1/2 * or 5/8 * tubes and AI fins
Dimension Width of 760 and 1000mm.
Length from 740 to 3000 mm.
Sizes / Models 11
Powers 56 to 295 Kw Air 35°C Glycol 30%95/85°C
Fluid type Hoy Glycol
Fans 1 to 3
Coils per equipment 1
Air Direction Horizontal or Vertical
Motor AC
Air flow 6200 to 125500m3/h