Solar Panel

Especially suitable for dissipating heat in solar thermal energy applications

These units are capable of dissipating the heat absorbed by thermal solar installations, preserving the integrity of the installation by dissipating the heat not used.

Recirculation of the working fluid at high temperatures in a closed circuit can cause damage to the installation. The working fluid used will be water or a glycol and water solution.

With a robust and compact design, they represent an element of protection for this type of installation. Built with IP-65 motors, they are suitable for outdoor installation.

Counting on the AB series of up to 60 KW and the EAS series of up to 410 KW, for applications with water below 120ºC and the ABA series with which we reach up to 110 KW, for temperatures above 120ºC.


  • Modular Units.
  • Motor with IP65 weather protection.
  • Corrugated fin and tube exchangers to optimize heat transfer.
  • Configurations according to air flow direction: horizontal, vertical.
  • Optional: Electrical panel and regulation elements.

Technical Data:

  • Power (kW): 6 – 410
  • Air flow (m3/h): 660 – 25500
  • Sizes: 40
  • Dimensions (H × W):
    • Min. 400 × 360 mm
    • Max. 1000 × 3000 mm

They dissipate excess heat in solar thermal installations.


The applications are very diverse, from process refrigeration, food industry, commercial facilities, air conditioning facilities, as well as data processing centers, among others.


Solar Panel

Solar Panel Drycoolers Brochure