Units for cooling high or low temperature circuits.

Available in a wide range of configurations, STULZ Tecnivel drycoolers present a wide range of solutions that allow their selection based on different criteria: Dimensions, sound levels, consumption, capacity, among other parameters.

Drycoolers are a very interesting alternative to cooling towers due to their dry operation, with the consequent minimum maintenance, zero water consumption and because they are free of risks or contamination by Legionella.

They allow the cooling of fluids without mechanical compression elements, which enables them to do Freecooling.

We individually study your requirements obtaining the optimal solution, with the appropriate drycooler for each application.


  • Flexibility
    • AC and EC
    • Statically and dynamically balanced
    • High aerodynamic performance
  • Corrugated fin and tube exchangers to optimize heat transfer.
  • Configurations according to air flow direction: horizontal, vertical or “V”.
  • In configuration of one or two rows of fans, from 1 to 12 per unit.
  • Optional: Electrical panel and regulation elements.

Technical Data:

  • Power (kW): 11 – 458
  • Airflow (m3/h): 9000 – 200,000
  • Sizes: 60
  • Dimensions (H × W):
    • Min. 1000 × 1000 mm
    • Max. 2410 × 5750 mm

Selection software:

STULZ Product Selector

Design your condenser quickly and easily

With a few simple data with the operating conditions of the installation such as temperature, refrigerant, voltage and location among others, the software will carry out an exhaustive thermodynamic calculation and will offer you different selectable equipment according to efficiency, dimensions, sound levels or price.

  • Intuitive tool
  • Reliable and fast selection
  • User friendly interface
  • Technical sheets with dimensioning and prices of the units
  • Multiplatform, on any device and at any time
  • Multilingual Software


Drycoolers are used to service cooling systems in production processes and applications that require constant cooling, such as for example. in industrial applications such as cogeneration, generator set cooling, plastic injection or the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, plastic and data center industries, among many others.


Pharmaceutical industry


Food industry

aire acondicionado

Air conditioner


Data centers

Industrial Drycoolers V Shape Brochure

Industrial Drycoolers Brochure