Description / Materials Exchangers with finned tube. Cold water and hot water coils, condensers, DX and steam. All coils are tested at 10 bar (air-water coils), and 30 bar (air-refrigerant coils), except the air-refrigerant R-410A coils, which are tested at 42 bar.Standard Cu tubes. Possible in Fe or stainless steel. Al fins, coated Al, Cu Galvanized frames, stainless steel or aluminium Manifolds with steel or copper tubes, depending on model.
Coils Tubes 5/8", 1/2", 3/8"", 7 mm and Al / Coated Al or Cu fins fins
Dimensions Widths ranging from 200 to 2600 mm. Lengths ranging from 300 to 6000 mm
Sizes / Models Tailor-made for each project / design / diseño
Software Selected and designed in our technical department, using our own market software.
Manufacture Short delivery times thanks to our in-house production. Reliable units thanks to our exhaustive raw material selection process and because all our coils are subjected to the more stringent quality controls, with hydrostatic leak testing.