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STULZ Tecnivel manufactures batteries with pipes of all commonly used diameters (3/8 ”, 1/2” and 5/8 ”), as well as a wide range of construction variants, in terms of materials and designs. In sizes from 200mm to 6000mm fin length.

The coils or exchangers are designed for the exchange of fluids on the tube side and air on the fin side, and are used for the cooling or heating of liquids, vapor condensation, direct expansion or pumping of refrigerants and their condensation to any type of application in the wide world of refrigeration and air conditioning.

Not only are they incorporated into the equipment we manufacture in our production plant, but also, upon request, they are made to measure, to be incorporated into any type of air conditioning unit or application that they require.

Maximum reliability and quality assured thanks to the fact that all coils pass the strictest quality controls by means of a hydrostatic leak test.


  • Wide range of construction possibilities:
    • Pipes Cu and Fins Al
    • Pipes Cu and Fins Cu
    • Pipes Cu and laquered Fins
    • Pipes Fe and Fins Al
    • Pipes Fe stainless and Fins Al
    • Pipes Fe stainless and Fins Al stainless.
    • Pipes smooth or grooved interior
  • Para todo tipo de agentes térmicos:
    • Cold Water
    • Hot Water
    • Superheated water
    • Steam
    • Direct Expansion
    • Evaporators
    • Condensers
    • Glycol water

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We can find our coils as part of the equipment of any air conditioning, refrigeration and industry project.

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