Customized solutions

From a necessity to development and manufacturing

Customized Precision AHU

The STULZ group is synonymous with high flexibility and adaptability to the specific requirements of each project.

The Customized AHU preserves the watertightness, low thermal transmission and mechanical resistance features of our construction, but it specializes in applications that require a high demand for cooling power and large air flows without compromising the energy efficiency that is so important in systems in high-temperature environments. precision.

These units are perfectly adapted to mission-critical applications such as data centers and IT infrastructures, even industrial, where the control of temperature and humidity is more precise, covering air flow ranges up to 180,000 m3 / h and 600 kW of cooling power. , being able to develop higher yields under study.

As a leading manufacturer of precision air conditioning, we apply our expertise in this type of solution, with our own development unit control management, adaptable to the specific requirements of the installation.


  • High energy efficiency equipment, reduction of ownership costs in data centers.
  • Adaptability to the needs of large flows and sizes.
  • Flexible dimensions and divisible modules, maximum adaptation to space or transport limitations.
  • Numerous possibilities of air configurations
  • High performance components
    • Gates:
      • Up to air tightness class IV according to EN 1751
      • Separation of fans in fan array arrangement
      • Backdraft damper
      • Non-return
    • Fans with integrated harmonic filter
    • Dual power supply with automatic transfer switch (ATS, UPS)
    • Integration of hydraulic system (water valves) inside the unit
    • Water Battery
    • Adiabatic cooling
  • Easy handling

Maintenance options for large equipment:

    • Integrated ladders for access to components at height
    • Hoist rails for handling fans
  • Tailored control solutions, tailored specifically to the application.

Programming and own development.

    • BMS communication
    • Emergency management
    • Redundant Operation
    • Registry
    • Historical

Technical data

datos tecnicos customizados 2
  • High Refrigeration Powers:

+/- 600KW net cooling power

  • Large Air Flows:

+/- 180000m3 / h

  • Adaptable dimensions

Direct cooling

Indirect Cooling


Test center

Your specs tested

STULZ Tecnivel has new facilities with a large capacity Test Center to test the performance of the Customized AHU or any other air handling unit.

Test conditions:

  • Flow rates up to 240,000 m3 / h.
  • Power up to 1MW of power.
  • Functional test simulating security failures.
  • Environmental simulation of Tª: + 10º to + 50º DB, design flow.


Our units are designed to meet the most demanding requirements and maximum reliability in mission-critical environments such as data centers regardless of their size.


Data Centers

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