Industrial Customized AHU

It completes the range of industrial Air Handling Units with a wide variety of flow rates, numerous design options and functionalities.

STULZ is characterized by high flexibility and adaptability to the specific requirements of each project.

The Customized AHU retains the sealing, low thermal transmission and mechanical resistance characteristics that are common in our construction, but it specializes in applications that require a high demand for cooling power, large air flows and greater robustness to meet the special needs of our own processes. of any activity, always without undermining the energy efficiency of the systems in the facility.



  • Adaptability to the needs of large flows and sizes.
  • Flexible dimensions and divisible modules, maximum adaptation to space or transport limitations.
  • Special construction systems.
    Self-supporting panels that constitute the structure favoring the watertightness and robustness of the equipment.
  • Optional for hygienic applications.
    • Germicidal UV lamps
    • Hygienic finish in stainless steel. (panels and racks)
  • High performance components
    • Special filtration systems (roller, paint-stop, metal mesh, activated carbon, high temperature, compact, robust, with low pressure drop, high clogging capacity, etc.)
    • ATEX certified components for potentially explosive environments
    • Gas heating (direct or indirect)
    • Medium / high pressure spray bench
  • Easy handling
    • Hoist rails
    • Roller battery extraction systems
  • Custom control solutions
    Own programming and development. Regulation and control panel with multilingual support Adaptable to the different communication modes BACNET, LON, MODBUS, WEB
    Large Air Flows
    Adaptable dimensions

Technical data

datos tecnicos customizados 2
  • High Refrigeration Powers
  • Large Air Flows
  • Adaptable dimensions

Test center

Your specs tested

STULZ Tecnivel has new facilities with a large capacity Test Center to test the performance of the Customized AHU or any other air handling unit.

Test conditions:

  • Flow rates up to 240,000 m3 / h.
  • Power up to 1MW of power.
  • Functional test simulating security failures.
  • Environmental simulation of Tª: + 10º to + 50º DB, design flow.


Specific design to meet the special needs in industrial facilities and processes, production plants, warehousing and the pharmaceutical sector, among others.


Painting booths


Clean rooms


Industrial processes




Pharmaceutical sector 


Food industry

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