ClimaPac Industrial

Versatile solutions, adaptable to each industrial installation.

Ventilation and air renewal in industrial processes are essential. Therefore, due to the individual configuration of each equipment, we adapt the air volume and the filtration, heating, air conditioning, humidification or dehumidification conditions demanded by the client.

The needs of each ventilation system differ in each project. Aware of the importance of adaptation in industrial environments, we use cutting-edge components focused on promoting energy efficiency and air quality in your industrial processes and production plants.

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  • Flexibility
  • Modular layout
  • Energy efficiency
  • Air quality
  • Integrated control
  • Sandwich Panels
  • Rockwool insulation
  • Multiple configurations
  • Adapted to all needs
  • State-of-the-art components
  • Different filtration solutions
  • Performance Optimization
  • 45 mm thick
  • 100 kg / m3
  • Airflow (m3/h):

2000 – 166000

  • Layouts:
    • Side to side
    • Double height
    • Online


According to EN 1886 standard
Characteristics Class
Mechanical strength D1
Air leaks in the housing L1
Leak bypass filter F9
Thermal transmission T2
Thermal bridging TB2

Acoustic isolation

Hz 125 250 500 1K 2K 4K 8K
dB 17 17 11 18 26 36 47

The ClimaPac range complies with the following directives:

  • EC Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
  • CE Directive for Low Voltage 2014/35 / EU
  • EMC Directive CE 2014/30 / EU
  • Directive 2009/125 / CE of the CE on ecological design. (Commission Regulation No. 1253/2014)

Eurovent certification
La gama ClimaPac participa en el programa de Certificación Eurovent para Unidades de Tratamiento de Aire (UTA).


Internal Components


External Components


TIP Software

Selection of Air Handling Units.

  • Intuitive tool
  • Quick selection and quotation
  • Simple user interface
  • Technical specification sheets
  • Drawings with actual dimensions
  • Multilingual Software


Specific design to meet the special needs in industrial facilities and processes, production plants, warehousing and the pharmaceutical sector, among others.


Production plants




Pharmaceutical sector

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