Description / Materiales Air curtains in painted galvanized sheet. Made up of 3-speed AC motor fans. Water coils built with Cu tubes and AI fins, or electric coils. Discharge grilles. For doors of 1, 1.5 or 2 m. Models with a water coil suitable for hot or cold water.
Coil Water coil Cu 1/2" tubes and AI fins; Electric coils
Dimensions Height 460mm Length from 1100 to 2100 mm
Sizes / Models 3
Powers Cold: From 4.3 to 16.3 Kw Air 27/19 ° C, Water 7/12 ° C- Heating: From 9.3 to 28.7 Kw Air 20 ° C, Water 70/60 ° C - Electrical: From 9 to 27 Kw
Fluid Cold/Hot water or electric coil
Fans 1 to 3
Coils for equipment 1
Air Direction Horizontal suction; downward vertical discharge
Motor AC
Air flow 1900 to 5700m3/h