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Union make force

With the aim of combining knowledge and offering a complete solution to market needs, in 2016 Tecnivel merged with the German multinational STULZ, a leader in precision air conditioning equipment for mission-critical applications such as data centers and IT infrastructures, thus becoming one of the most important companies in the sector, with an extensive product range worldwide from the same supplier.

50 years in the market guarantee our experience

Personalized attention, focused on the client, entrepreneurial spirit, complete support and extensive experience in air conditioning systems have laid the foundations for the growth of STULZ Tecnivel for 50 years.
To meet the most demanding needs of the market, our main competitive advantage is the ability to supply customized solutions with multiple configurations. Our adaptability is such, both in terms of delivery times and the specific characteristics of your projects, that we offer you the best technical advice and service.

Quality at your service

Since its foundation in 1971, our name is synonymous with high quality, innovation and continuous improvement, placing special emphasis on comfort, well-being and energy efficiency, with a serious commitment to reduce environmental impact.
In order to ensure maximum reliability and quality, we select the best components on the market from the most qualified suppliers, being faithful to the most modern production processes and very strict controls in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard granted by TÜV and the certification of EUROVENT.
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